Longshaw Fell Race 2017- The reason I love fell running

With just over two years experience of fell running, and only 39 races under my belt, I’m still relatively fresh to the whole ‘fell running scene’, but out of those 39 races Iv competed in I can safely say that this was one of my favourites. Apart from two, Iv come away from every event Iv attended with a big smile on my face and a huge feeling of accomplishment, and those two exceptions were only because I had a nightmare of a run. I can think of a few different events where I have enjoyed the course more than Longshaw, but this event just had everything that makes fell running the amazing sport it is, and the reason why its the only genre of running I’m interested it.

To set the tone of the day, it was wet!……very wet……and cold! It was hard to believe that September was only a week old as we tried manoeuvre the car on a mud bath of a car park, whilst the rain bounced off of the windscreen. With it been a Sheepdog Trials event and stalls etc on we decided to all go as a family to this one, so whilst Paul (father in law) and I ran the girls could have a walk around and enjoy the show, but the good old British weather had other plans. Luckily for the girls they could just sit in the car, but I choose this sport as a hobby, so I had to put my shorts and vest on and brave the cold and wet climate.

longshaw fell race 3
Me with about 2 miles left

Once you get out there and start running though you soon warm up and forget about the rain, you’ve got more important things to worry about, like trying to skip over rocks and miss deep bogs than worry about the rain. This particular course is quite fast compared to other fell races Iv done as it didn’t have the big climbs that some have, that’s not to say it didn’t have any though as there was one beauty of a climb 3.5 miles in, but apart from that though it was quite an undulating course. The wet conditions made it a little trickier than normal as the stones and rocks which covered most paths were slippery, and some puddles were a lot deeper than what you’d expect a puddle to be once you’d put your foot in it. On a personal note with the run, I didn’t feel like Id ran my best. I felt like I was a little off of the pace on this occasion, and runners that I’m normally racing alongside seemed to be a lot further in front of me and finished quite a way ahead. However, I still think I finished in the top 15 (no results as yet) which I’ll be more than happy with if I did, and hopefully my time won’t be too much off of the leaders so my points are good, as your points are rewarded with how many seconds/minutes you are behind the winner. I look forward to the results to see how Iv got on.


Longshaw fell race 2
Spectators cheering home the finishers

Racing aside, the best bit of the day was the post race atmosphere and the main reason why I wanted to share the event with you. Like I said earlier, Iv done 39 races now and everyone apart from a couple have been great experiences, and even those two bad races I had, the atmosphere was still amazing. I know that running in general is a great community, whether its road running, trail running, track, or us fell runners, everybody is really friendly and always sociable. I just feel though that the fell running community has that something special, that something that separates it from the rest, and Longshaw had it in abundance on Saturday morning.

Every race I go to I see and race against the same old faces, from all different running clubs and from different parts of the Sheffield and surrounding areas, and as time has gone on Iv got to know them and made some good friends. I must of spent an hour after yesterdays race just going around talking to different people, some giving me advice I ask for, some wanting advice from me, and others just having a catch up with…..I love it. There’s something about being in the countryside too, the good outdoors! Even though it was pouring down with rain most of the day and it was cold, everybody from runners to spectators were walking around and mingling, just enjoying the atmosphere and surroundings. People from this part of the world seem so much more light minded, relaxed, like they don’t have a care in the world, and this comes across at fell race events.

The end of another amazing day with my family

I know I’m probably being biased, and I do have some great friends that Iv made at road running and parkrun events, I just feel the fell running community is like a proper family, and I feel so privileged to be apart of it. Longshaw Fell Race might of been wet, cold, and bloody tough to run, but I loved every second of it!